Why brattleboro.net?

This domain is a landing page for many of you that find out about brattleboro.net by searching for Brattleboro Vermont, perhaps it is not providing the expected material.

One would rightly expect information about our local businesses and attractions, how to get here, and where to stay. Links to the Chamber of Commerce or other commercial information. Sorry about that – it is a little inconvenient.

Similarly, finding a nuclear power plant on the lovely banks of the Connecticut River (less than 10 miles away) is not in keeping with Vermont caricature, it is not providing the expected scene; where cows are grazing on a pasture, where small towns flourish, and artists create unique works, where small shops sell hand made items, baked goods, and good beer.

The sad truth is that Entergy, owners of Vermont Yankee has cast a shadow over this town of Brattleboro and the entire region.

Who would want to come and visit?
Who would want to own property in the evacuation zone?
How can this be a business as usual web site when our entire way of life and liberty is threatened by an out-of-state rouge corporation that sues our great homeland of Vermont and with influence, wins?

How is it correct for corporations to buy our support, by donating to needy organizations?

How is it ok for corporations to lie?

Why is it not in our interest to look clearly at safety issues that effect our lives?

“How many more meltdowns do we need to have before people wake up and start shutting down these plants?”

This site is dedicated to halting operation of Vermont Yankee. We take this action because of the excessive onsite radioactive waste, excessive hot water discharge into the Connecticut river and the economic dis-incentive for building a low-carbon clean-energy future.

It can happen here.
-Daniel Hoviss 2012