Parade and Rally March 30th

Dear friends of the Safe and Green Campaign,
Today is the 34th anniversary of Three Mile Island. Silver lining: no new nukes in 34 years. Not without a fight.
On the home front, it has been a year of illegal operations – with no certificate of public good – and the leaks, lies and lawyers continue. (Keep reading for what happened just this past week).

Take Action with SAGE on Saturday, March 30th with the
Leaks, Lies & Lawyers Parade and Rally

Want to march with B&P in a Bread and Puppet costume? Meet at 2:30pm, Harris Place, Brattleboro to rehearse. (Directions are below)  Everyone else gather there at 3:30pm. We’ll wind our way down Main Street to the Latchis Theater and at 4:30pm begin to learn what we can do now to shut Yankee down and insure safe decommissioning. Senator Jeanette White (D-Windham County), Deb Katz (CAN) and Chris Williams (VCAN) will talk about what’s happening in the legislature, Entergy’s financial situation, the latest legal updates, and a word about waste. Chad Simmons & Frederic Noyse have created a skit, the Vocal Chordz will lead us in song, and DJ David Longsmith will rock the house.

Here’s the news: Vermont Yankee is still refueling and is still at 0 percent power. That does not mean the trouble stops. Since refueling began, a 6’x10′ panel blew off, and 2 feet of water appeared in an electric switch control room due to a failed flood seal. And now Entergy’s finances are so precarious that we suspect the corporation will shortchange safety to save money. The fair market value of the plant is three times less than it’s carrying value. CAN and activists at Fitzpatrick and Pilgrim petitioned the NRC to shut down Yankee and Fitzpatrick based on its financial weakness. Two days later, on March 22, the NRC asked Entergy “… do they still have the financial qualifications to continue to operate the plant safely and if not, what are they going to do to address that?” (VPR). The new commissioner of the Dept of Public Service, Chris Recchia, has concerns which he has taken directly to the NRC. “I want to understand how the NRC looked at these systems when it re-licensed the plant.” On the legal front, the VT Supreme Court denied the New England Coalition’s complaint to shut down Yankee based on the sale agreement, and Entergy is now suing the State of New York over Indian Point.

See you Saturday!
Leslie, for the Safe & Green Campaign

* DIRECTIONS to Harris Place: [ Google Map ]

Take Exit 2 off of I91 to Brattleboro, Vt. Follow Route 9 into downtown. Go through the blinking red lights. Turn left into Public Parking immediately after the funeral home and before the traffic lights at the very bottom of the hill.  (On the corner of the parking lot is Silver Moon.) Drive to the far end of the parking lot and park there.
From this end, it is a short walk down the hill on Grove Street to Main Street. Walk directly across Main Street to Harris Place. (TD bank is on the corner of Main St. and Harris Place.)
If you have a float to unload, you can drive to Harris Place. Same directions as above. Drive thru the parking lot, down Grove Street, and across Main Street into Harris Place.

Parade Route Map