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Above is a rendition of what Vermont Yankee could look like if it was safe and clean.
Below is an image of a fire at Vermont Yankee, the current mismanagement is a dangerous and potentially deadly game.
Vermont Yankee is three miles from Massachusetts and a stone’s throw from New Hampshire. A serious accident or act of sabotage at the reactor would kill thousands, and leave hundreds of square miles uninhabitable. Like all nuclear power plants, Vermont Yankee contributes to global warming. The cost of storing nuclear waste makes nuclear power more expensive than solar, wind, or any other source of electricity. So people from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont are working with Katz’s group and other organizations, telephoning and going door to door in legislative districts throughout Vermont, encouraging voters to contact their state legislators. Full article
Power Uprate – Their Profit, Our Risk
Vermont Yankee received a power increase of 20% to make the reactor profitable. Since Vermont Yankee can not increase the size of its reactor vessel, it will run the reactor with hotter fuel. This hotter fuel will be stored in the fuel pool. 34% more deadly waste would be released in plumes in the event of a terrorist attack or accident! We can’t ransom our children’s future to a dirty dangerous technology.Sustainable Energy Future
We can do better. On a global level sustainable energy choices like wind, solar, and small hydro are already out-pacing nuclear power in energy production. These already proven technologies will provide new jobs, new investment, and clean energy choices for New England. In 2001, Germany started to install 3300MW of solar PV over the course of 4 yrs. Vermont gets 20% more SUN than Germany. Vermont only needs 250MW to replace Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee. Think about it.We must act to create a really green energy future.
Contact your legislators and let them know that you are very concerned about New England’s energy portfolio. You want to ensure that we make a substantial investment in renewable energy generation. It is imperative for New England to be able to generate at least 25% of our energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass and small hydro by 2012. and 40% by 2018. This mandate would give us a jump start on establishing new businesses and jobs across the state that are well paying, local and sustainable.Long Term On Site Cool Down = Job Security
Closure of Vermont Yankee does not mean loss of jobs for the community. If Entergy commits to long term cool down, the skilled workforce could be employed in a thorough clean-up of the site – one that we could all be proud of. The NRC permits decommissioning to take as long as 60 years. That ensures the retention of the present workforce in removal of the contaminated reactor, clean up of the ground water, and monitoring of the high level waste. It would enable the amassing of funds necessary to do a good job. Yankee Rowe, one of the smallest commercial reactors in the country, cost $39 million to build and over $630 million to clean up!

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Nuclear power is dangerous, dirty, expensive and un-sustainable.

While many still naively believe that nuclear power is safe, and is in fact, green – the opposite is true. Of all types of energy, Nuclear Power is the worst CO2 producer when you consider the full fuel cycle from mining and extraction to enrichment, Learn More…

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