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Brattleboro Vermont has long been a town known for the healing springs, and a confluence of water ways. Many healers have set out a shingle. If you google Brattleboro Healers you can see how many there are:

Old news….

This site was originally created to help raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear power in our neck of the woods, and thanks to the constantly vigilant effort on the part of the many grass roots organizations (NECNPVPIRGVECANThe Brattleboro energy committeeTraprock Peace and Justice – and other groups – plus all of the people who supported or attended mass events over the years) we now have a Nuclear Free Vermont. Almost…

Almost, because we still have a Power Plant plant in the state (on the banks of the CT River), that contains radioactive elements like spent fuel rods, potentially leaking caskets with high level radio active waste and contaminated ground water. Not ideal but better than 20 years ago. We still have the potential for massive fall-out should the dry caskets be breached in an attack of any kind. We still store the caskets at the site in Vermont.

In case you missed it – The plant has been sold. Cleanup will begin in 2021 – you can read about it here in the Burlington Free Press.

You can read all about the new company and Decommissioning plans.

You can still get involved in the many organizations that continue to pressure companies to do the right thing, and to be more proactive with public safety. You can still encourage the State Of Vermont to increase (not decrease) incentives for solar energy.