Demonstration at VY HQ 03/23/12 successful!

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Above are some of the images from this great event.

While other news outlets are reporting “dozens of people arrested” and the Brattleboro Refraimer shows no news at all, the real numbers are: over 1000 people met on the Brattleboro commons, and marched to Vermont Yankee HQ on Old Ferry Road where there was music, and presentations from a diverse group including Bread and Puppet. Well over 2000 people were at the event, over 136 people were arrested and detained on the VY grounds.

The Brattleboro Police and the Windham County Sheriffs department were on hand to make arrests and are to be commended on a professional, calm and in many cases good humored approach to the demonstrators. Hats off to them all for such a good job! While processing did take longer (up to 7 hrs for some) due to the details of mass arrest and the intake a cataloging of personal possessions (Hint: next time bring only ID and Cell – not back packs) all in all the event went very smoothly.

Several people were released on-site due to age or other disabilities. Most were processed and transported to the Brattleboro Police HQ, and released. The court dates are in Aug 2013!

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